New York Rangers Make Another Backup Goalie Look Like An All-Star

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
New York Rangers
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick of seeing the New York Rangers make unknown backup goaltenders look like Jim Craig from the 1980 Olympics reincarnated. The Rangers lost their latest game 4-1 at the hands of the rival Washington Capitals in one of the most embarrassing losses of the season. The Rangers looked like they had absolutely no interest in this hockey game whatsoever.

The Rangers started off great by getting some good forechecking and cycling going, but that all went away after the first five minutes of the game. They could not sustain a forecheck or string together a couple of minutes of dominant play. As a result of this, they got blown out by one of their biggest rivals.

To make matters worse, they made Philipp Grubauer look like an All-Star when he was only making his second shot. When the Rangers actually got scoring opportunities, they shot pucks high and wide, or right into the chest of this unknown goalie. This isn’t the first time this has happened; in fact, it has become quite common for the Rangers.

When they are playing a goalie that is a backup, they just can’t score on them. It has happened with Peter Budaj, Ben Scrivens and now Grubauer.

This was just an all-around disgusting loss by the Rangers. Not one player played with any heart or passion. Once the Rangers went down 2-0, you could tell the game was over. Benoit Pouliot was the lone goalscorer, but he was one of the worst players on the ice. If Alain Vigneault was watching this game, he will move Pouliot right back into the healthy scratch column.

So far, the Rangers’ homestand has gone miserably. They need to right the ship and soon, or else they will start falling in the standings. If the Rangers expect to do anything, games like tonight can’t happen. You simply can not come out so flat against a team that is in your division and is one of your biggest rivals.

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