Boston Bruins: Comparing Reilly Smith and Loui Eriksson

By Tony Tranghese
Jean-Yves Ahern- USA TODAY Sports

Reilly Smith has been the star of the Tyler Seguin trade. Everyone thought Loui Eriksson was going to be the star of the trade between the Boston Bruins and the Dallas Stars. Eriksson has missed multiple games do to concussion. He has compiled five goals, nine assists and a plus-eight rating.

Smith, on the other hand, has compiled six goals and 14 assists totaling 22 points. In all fairness to Eriksson, it’s tough to get your legs under you when you continue to get your bell rung. It may be time for Eriksson to start crossing the neutral zone with his head up, but that’s a whole other subject.

Smith has been instrumental on the power play and has bounced between the second and third line. He has quietly filled in for injuries and gone about his business while being under the radar. He has given the Bruins a solid power play option. Smith and Torey Krug are proving to be the pieces that that Bruins’ power play needed.

The Bruins’ power play has looked anemic over the past few years. The original thought process most fans had was Eriksson would be the missing piece to the puzzle. His skill set was so different from Seguin’s it may be just what the Bruins needed on the power play. It turns out so far that Smith is that missing piece.

The trade has yet to play out for an entire season, but Smith is exceeding expectations while Eriksson is struggling to keep up with them. It wasn’t fair that Eriksson was ever compared to Seguin in the first place. Unfortunately, that’s the way the ball bounces, especially in the city and media market of Boston.

Erikkson now needs to get healthy, and he needs to start living up to expectations. Smith, on the other hand, can essentially ride into the sunset and be the unsung hero of the deal.

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