New York Rangers Just Can't Make The Right Move These Days

By Steven Carollo
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers seriously lack gritty forwards who can put the puck in the net. Enter Aaron Asham.

Asham won’t solve any problems, but he is at least an energy guy who could potentially spark something and will always defend his teammates, which the Rangers sadly have not done all season. So while the Rangers finally smartened up by calling him up yesterday, of course they made a rather dumb decision in the process by choosing to send down rookie J.T. Miller, who was just called up last game. Basically, Miller is turning into Chris Kreider from last year.

How Miller got punished for the Rangers’ last loss to the Washington Capitals is beyond me. Everyone looked asleep that game, and the veterans on this team should be the ones getting held accountable, not the rookies. Rookies can only get better in the NHL by actually playing games and learning from their mistakes, not by getting called up for one game and then immediately getting sent back down.

Why does Miller not deserve a shot to play, but Taylor Pyatt and Benoit Pouliot do?  These two might be the two most useless players in the entire league, and the Rangers’ fourth line last game of Pyatt, Brian Boyle and Pouliot has to be arguably the worst fourth line in NHL history.

While that may be an exaggeration (though not that far of one), it is not an exaggeration that Pyatt and Pouliot are two of the weakest links currently on this Rangers team, and I do not understand why head coach Alain Vigneault loves these guys so much. Both players are only noticeable when they do something bad, but kids like Miller are the ones that get the shaft.

The current Rangers lineup is going to go nowhere. Trades need to be made and grit and youth need to be inserted into the lineup as quickly as possible. This is why I agree with the Asham move, but do not like or understand why Miller was sent down.

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