Boston Bruins' Young Players Show Consistency Against the Calgary Flames

By Tony Tranghese
Candice Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins defeated the Calgary Flames last night 2-1. In typical Bruins fashion, they were out shot 22 to nine through 40 minutes of play and didn’t show up until the third period. In a game in which Jarome Iginla was returning to Calgary for the first time the Bruins couldn’t manage to come out motivated. The Bruins showed that they are consistent in a few key areas, though. Unfortunately coming out lethargic may be the most consistent thing the Bruins have done all season.

The Bruins’ power play looked good once again. One of their only goals came off the power play as David Krejci finally showed up and scored a power play goal. Krejci is too good to not score with the man advantage more often. The open ice and extra space is exactly what Krejci needs for his game to thrive. The key to his goal last night was the assist produced by Torey Krug. Krug has been the most consistent player on the power play all year, and he continued his great play once again tossing up his tenth assist of the season.


The Bruins’ young players were able to fill in for key injuries. This is incredibly important down the stretch and through the All-Star break. Matt Bartkowski logged almost 16 minutes of ice time, Ryan Spooner logged 12 minutes, and right-winger Matt Fraser logged just about 12 minutes as well. This is encouraging. If the Bruins can continue to put up points in the standings with young talent then a healthy Bruins team should be unstoppable.

The most important thing that the Bruins’ young players are doing consistently is playing solid two-way hockey. They are playing defense first. If there is one way to keep yourself in a Bruins jersey it’s playing defense — just ask Tyler Seguin.

Reilly Smith‘s goal last night was the one thing that shouldn’t surprise fans. He has been one of the most consistent players all year for the Bruins, and he continues to get better and better as the season goes on.

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