New York Rangers: Flat Play Proves To Be Costly Once Again

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
New York Rangers
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

For the third-straight game, the New York Rangers gave an absolutely lethargic effort and lost. This time, the winner was the struggling Nashville Predators by a score of 4-1.

There is really not a lot to say about this Rangers team right now. They are just pathetic. They have the same heart as the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. There is no player on this team that has played well in these past three games. To make matters worse, the heart and soul of the team, Ryan Callahan, was injured early in the first period with a knee sprain and did not return.

The Rangers are going to have to make some changes because clearly, this team is just too comfortable. Too many players have not even come close to playing well enough. If the majority of theses players were on other NHL teams, they would not be in the lineup. They would all be healthy scratches.

This has to fall onto the shoulders of management and the coaching staff. Glen Sather has not given Alain Vigneault the pieces he needs to compete, but Vigneault also hasn’t done his job. His job is to get the most out of his team given the personnel he has.

One of the complaints that people had about John Tortorella (and there were many) was that he shuffled lines too much during games. Well, Vigneault does the complete opposite. He has no feel for the way the game is going. If your team is struggling to get any offense going, you can’t just keep throwing out the same lines shift after shift. You have to mix it up to send a message.

The flat play was just atrocious all around. There is no flow to the Rangers’ game right now. The passes are absolutely terrible coming out of their own zone. Half of the passes go blindly through the neutral zone and bang off the boards, and it is pitiful. The team is just not that good and the horrendous play shows that.

The Rangers just have no heart right now. They have no offense, they have no defense, they have no discipline. The team is just a complete mess. The front office needs to shake things up and soon or the Rangers could slip into a real dark place.

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