Boston Bruins Keep Winning Despite the Flu

By Tony Tranghese
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

Tuukka Rask was the latest member of the Boston Bruins with flu-like symptoms. This pretty much sums up the Bruins’ 5200 mile road trip across Canada. Despite injuries, the flu, and some poor performances, the Bruins continue to win.

Injuries have plagued the Bruins as of late. Johnny Boychuk returned to the lineup against the Calgary Flames, but the Bruins are still missing blue liners Dougie Hamilton and Adam McQuaid. It’s only fitting that the flu is now traveling the Bruins locker room. Chad Johnson was supposed to start against the Flames, but since he had the flu the Bruins were forced to go with Rask. If Johnson is healthy enough play the Bruins need to rest Rask. I know I sound crazy when I say this, but this includes playing Johnson against the Vancouver Canucks.

The flu is one of those things that can linger. It weakens your body, and the last thing the Bruins need is for guys to go down to injury because of the flu. They just don’t need it right now. It’s bad enough that they have been playing their AHL team in NHL games.

The Bruins need to get through this stretch of games without anything else happening. It’s like the Bruins are playing roulette. They keep winning, but they have no idea how. If this stretch of games proves anything it’s that the Bruins are deep enough to be able to interchange players at will. The wins may be puzzling to fans, but the depth of this team is encouraging.

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