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5 Impossible Trades Carolina Hurricanes Can Dream About

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Impossible Trades Carolina Can Dream About

dream on
Jennifer Stewart - USA Today Sports

Speculating on when the Carolina Hurricanes are finally going to get around to making some trades is getting old. General Manager Jim Rutherford has been dipping toe after toe into the trade pool and hasn't even gotten ankle-deep. While the team continues their struggle to find consistency, the trade rumors remain just that.

The trade talk that has taken place however, has been mind-numbingly stupid. Throwing around stuff like Tim Gleason to the Dallas Stars for Erik Cole should cause a statewide facepalm. Or even the idea of Gleason going to the Toronto Maple Leafs for John-Michael Liles. Why those ideas were both brought into this world as things, nobody will really ever know. Fact is though, that's the only trade talks we're hearing.

Suppose for just a moment that you were in some sort of alternate, parallel reality. Rutherford suddenly has the Jedi mind trick and can get other teams to make trades as stupid as he is proposing – only insanely beneficial for the Hurricanes.

Give this power to a 12-year-old, you're gonna have a team with Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Johnathan Towes and probably Danica Patrick. That last one purely from hormones.

Anyone who's ever created a video game team can tell you it's no fun stacking your team. In this alternate reality, not only can Rutherford influence people, but he actually has his own sense of logic and reason. What players would help Carolina out the most but also not be the obvious moves?

Of course, should any of these trades happen – roll over and shut off your alarm clock. However, sometimes it's fun to dream, and these five trades would make the highlight reels in fantasy-land.

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5: PK Subban

Perry Nelson - USA Today Sports

The number of ways Subban could help the Hurricanes are infinite. His skills are so evenly spread, it's hard to find a specialty. On top of which, he's already known friends with Jeff Skinner and there's no way that could ever go badly.

Adding a solid, all-around defenseman like Subban would put Carolina easily over the top.

The Catch:

You'd have to pry him from the Montreal Canadiens' cold, dead hands. With the Habs already moving mountains to fit Subban under their salary cap, it's safe to say Montreal would give up poutine before they gave up Subban.

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4: Mason Raymond

Tom Szczerbowski - USA Today Sports

How could Raymond not help the Hurricanes?

A leader, a take-it-into-your-own-hands offensive player, tough, gritty and clutch -- Raymond could easily revive the Hurricanes into a perennial contender. On top of it all, he's in the upper echelon of power play goal scorers in the league -- an area in which Carolina's struggles are well known.

The Catch:

Are you kidding right now? Like Toronto is just going to let Raymond waltz out of town and wave bye-bye? Carolina would have to trade every draft pick from now until 2030 just to get Raymond's tailor to come to the team. Dream on.

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3: Kevin Shattenkirk

Jarome Miron - USA Today Sports

The ways Carolina could benefit from a lights-out defenseman like Shattenkirk cannot be measured with conventional math. Heads-up play, goal scoring, solid defense-- he's got it all. The bonus would be that nobody would see this coming. He's not really a marquee player, and is maybe the only one on this list that has an outside chance of actually happening. Somewhere along the chances of a full Van Halen reunion.

The Catch:

Even though Shattenkirk has hands-down the most fun name to say in all the league, the St Louis Blues sort of need him on the ice at the moment. While the Blues could be coerced into a trade, Carolina just has nobody to offer for him.

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2: Jiri Hudler

Sergei Belski - USA Today Sports

You can never have too much production from your second line. To put Hudler up with someone like Nathan Gerbe on the number two line would make a good season great. Hudler would bring a whole new flavor to the second line, forming the basis for some really great stuff late in the season.

The Catch:

The Calgary Flames have enough problems of their own without shipping more talent out of town. The city of Calgary has been exporting more goal-scoring forwards than they have oil lately. No reason to continue that trend.

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1: Eddie Lack

Anne-Marie Sorvin - USA Today Sports

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine co-starters Lack and Cam Ward.

Not a back-up, not a starter, but co-starters. Lack and Ward splitting the goaltending duties heading into March and the playoff chase would be amazing. On top of that, Rutherford could ship Justin Peters and Anton Khudobin to the highest bidder and beef up the offense. Lack would compliment Ward very well and would create the perfect formula for the playoffs.

The Catch:

More than anything, change Ward with Roberto Luongo and that's pretty much how it is for the Vancouver Canucks at the moment. This would only happen in the land of opposites where winning games is bad.