Boston Bruins: Brad Marchand was Wrong for Kissing His Ring Finger

By Tony Tranghese
“Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports”

The Boston Bruins took it on the chin last night. The Bruins fell to the Vancouver Canucks 6-to-2.

Bruins fans will tell you that the Bruins were at the tail end of a 5,200 mile road trip across Canada while battling the flu. Canucks fans will tell you that the Canucks are just a better team. The Bruins looked like they were the better team in the early periods, but the Canucks were able to get on the board and protect the lead.

The Bruins were also able to renew a rivalry for the third time in the last two weeks. Dion Phanuef helped the Bruins remember just how badly the Toronto Maple Leafs and Bruins dislike each other when he was suspended for two games for a hit against Kevan Miller.

Shawn Thornton and Brooks Orpik had no problem reminding fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins/Bruins rivalry. Last night Brad Marchand made a gesture to the fans reminding all of Vancouver that the Bruins beat the Canucks in Game 7 on the Canucks’ ice in 2011. Marchand raised his ring finger and kissed it as he was skating off the ice. One of the better taunts that I have seen in awhile.

I am Brad Marchand’s biggest supporter. He embodies a Boston athlete. He is hard working, blue collar and plays with a chip on his shoulder. On any other given night I would be behind the gesture 100 percent. This time I am on the fence.

The one reason I allow Marchand to get away with more than most players is due to the fact that he always backs it up. It’s one thing to taunt your opponent when you are winning 6-to-2, but when you are getting your teeth kicked in you should probably think twice about it. Not only were the Bruins losing last night, Marchand was nonexistent. Marchand managed to be a plus one while managing only two shots. He wasn’t even credited with a hit.

If your going to taunt your opponent, at least show up and do a little more than gesture something you accomplished in the past

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