Another New York Rangers Season Ruined By The Worst Front Office In Hockey

By Steven Carollo
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Every year it’s the same old song with the New York Rangers, so why should this year’s exquisite record of 16-18-2 be any surprise to us?  The answer is it shouldn’t.

Fans are promised every season that supposedly the team has talent, and better yet, enough talent to compete for a Stanley Cup, but other than one season back in 2011-12 where the Rangers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals that statement could not be any further from the truth since the year 2000.

Now why do I say the year 2000?

Because, believe it or not, this Rangers team has had the same two people in charge since 2000 with basically no positive results in a decade and a half other than one season under GM Glen Sather and owner James Dolan.  But since Dolan knows absolutely nothing about the sport of hockey, he only provides the money and Sather makes all of the roster decisions.

So if the Rangers have only had one season since 2000 when they were actually legitimate Cup contenders, why hasn’t Dolan just fired Sather and hired a new GM?

No one knows why exactly, but to make things worse and all Rangers fans around the world cringe and vomit, Dolan recently announced that Sather will be the GM for the Rangers for as long as he wants to.

So not only can Sather get away with making poor moves that make the Rangers even worse, but now he has absolutely no pressure to make the right moves since he knows his job is completely safe.

These two moronic individuals have been bringing down this franchise for almost two decades now, and unfortunately for us Rangers’ fans there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Until both of them are no longer affiliated with the organization, especially Sather, fans will never see the Stanley Cup brought back to New York.  That is unless the New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, or any other team that happen to be passing through the New York City area win the Cup.  And frankly I see all of that having a better probability of occurring than the Rangers winning the Stanley Cup at this point in time.

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