Henrik Lundqvist Has To Be Better For New York Rangers

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Henrik Lundqvist
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I am sick and tired of hearing Henrik Lundqvist mope after every game. The New York Rangers just recently paid him more than any goalie in the league and made him the fifth highest paid player in the NHL, yet Lundqvist is still playing awful and has been the main reason the Rangers have been struggling so much.

It used to be that the Rangers would lose 2-1 or 1-0 and wouldn’t give Lundqvist any goal support. Well those days are long gone. Right now it would be shocking to see Lundqvist save a beach ball.

This season has been the former Vezina winner’s worst season in net, but there are no more excuses to give about his bad play. The team around him is scoring goals for once. He has is shiny new contract and can live comfortably in New York as well as retire a Ranger.

But now Lundqvist needs to shut his trap and starting winning games. A good place to start would be making those timely saves that we are so accustomed to seeing. He needs to stop getting torched on breakaways, stop giving up so many goals on the glove side, and stop looking slow moving side to side. The Rangers need back the old Lundqvist who played with swagger and was willing to put the team on his back.

Lundqvist seems to have no confidence right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cam Talbot gets the next start for the Rangers, but the bottom line is Lundqvist has to be better. The Rangers have invested their future in him, and it is time for him to turn it up to another level.

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