New York Rangers' Locker Room Cannot Possibly Be As Close As Previously Thought

By Steven Carollo
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I know the players on the New York Rangers will never admit this and many fans will be in denial, but in my opinion, how if you are a Rangers’ fan do you not call into question the leadership and camaraderie of the players in this team’s locker room?

I mean they constantly show time and time again on the ice that they can care less about one another.  Where is the heart, passion, and toughness out there on the ice for the Rangers, especially when a teammate is being pushed around?

Throughout this entire season, where this team is now 16-18-2, I have seen goaltender Henrik Lundqvist constantly snow showered and knocked down, but all the Rangers do is just stand and watch.  No one gets mad or reacts by dropping the gloves and defending his teammate.  And this is not just for Lundqvist but for a star player like Rick Nash, who has a history of concussions. He can get hit in the head and once again no teammate will come to his aid.  I would actually doubt if a teammate would come over even to help Lundqvist and Nash up, to tell you the truth.

If you really believe that this team cares about each other — or anyone for that matter — don’t you think they would show some fire and emotion in protecting their players and even their own building on a game to game basis?

None of this happens, though.  Instead what you see every game from watching the Rangers are players that are playing for a paycheck, and then when their contract is up they will go on to greener pastures.  No effort, no heart, nothing but pure emptiness from a group of individual players that happen to call themselves a “team.”

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