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5 Reasons Why Alain Vigneault Won’t Last Long As New York Rangers’ Head Coach

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5 Reasons Why Alain Vigneault Won't Last Long As New York Rangers' Head Coach

5 Reasons Why Alain Vigneault Won't Last Long As New York Rangers Head Coach
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After the New York Rangers' lockout-shortened season ended last spring, it became quite clear from some of the comments made by Rangers players that former head coach John Tortorella was losing the locker room.

This led GM Glen Sather to fire Tortorella and hire former Vancouver Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault. While I originally agreed with the Tortorella firing, I was against hiring Vigneault due to his playoff track record with the Canucks. But as the summer went on, I figured I might as well give Vigneault a shot, basically since I had no choice as a Rangers fan.

Well, that shot is now over for me, and I want him gone just as many other fans do. Do not get me wrong, I do not dislike Vigneault as a person. He is a very nice man and I am sure has a huge passion for the game of hockey, but frankly, he is on the other side of spectrum when it comes to coaching an NHL team. I mean, there must be a reason why Vigneault has had very good regular seasons as a head coach but has never been able to translate that regular season success into a Stanley Cup championship yet, don't you think? I highly doubt it is bad luck.

There are multiple reasons why fans want Vigneault fired, so I have compiled a top-5 list ranking the reasons as to why Vigneault must go, and why I believe he will ultimately not last long as the head coach of the Rangers.

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5. Personality Is Not Fit For New York

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Since New York fans are hot-tempered and demand instant results, we expect an in-your-face, authoritative head coach. Basically, that's everything Alain Vigneault is not as he is very quiet and laid-back.

It may not seem like much of a problem, but that is only if the team is winning. Right now, the Rangers are losing and fans are already sick and tired of his lack of presence on the bench and that he's not getting angry at his players when they are underperforming and losing. This is literally the exact recipe to not win over New York fans.

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4. Does Not Motivate His Players

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This reason kind of coincides with the last slide as Vigneault looks as if he is a gum-chewing zombie that expects his players to coach themselves.

He barely talks to his team during the game, unlike former head coach John Tortorella, and does virtually nothing to motivate them to play better. He expects them to do that on their own as well. Basically, Vigneault is more of a chaperon than a head coach.

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3. No One Understands His System

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Not only do the fans not understand what exactly Vigneault's system entails, but it looks as if the players don't have a clue either.

As far as we know, he wants the Rangers to play an uptempo offensive, but with the players he currently has to work with, that is frankly impossible. It is up to the head coach to adapt to his players in order to win games, and his stubbornness is getting in the way right now. This is something he promised would not happen when he was hired over the summer.

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2. Holds No One Accountable/Plays Favorites

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This reason is a total change from the Tortorella days, and no fan I know can tolerate this. Under Tortorella, you faced the consequences if you played poorly. Under Vigneault, if you play poorly and are not a rookie, then you get even more playing time. What?

How players like Brian Boyle, Benoit Pouliot and Taylor Pyatt are still on this team are beyond me. They contribute nothing and make tons of mistakes on a game-to-game basis, yet if you are a rookie and you make one mistake, then you get sent back down to the minors. I will admit that Tortorella was also strict when it came to rookies but unlike Vigneault, he did not play favorites with the veterans and would sit them no matter how much money they were making because it was all about producing on the ice.

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1. Glen Sather and James Dolan

Glen Sather and James Dolan
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Ah, the two partners in crime. GM Glen Sather and owner James Dolan have been together since 2000, and the Rangers have only had one season in which they had a legitimate shot to win the Stanley Cup since. Of course, they did not do so.

Ultimately, the main reason why Vigneault will not last long in New York is something that is not even his fault. This offseason, Sather failed to give Vigneault the players he needs to implement his system and play an uptempo, offensive brand of hockey. Because of Sather's ineptitude and Dolan's horrible ownership in not firing Sather years ago, Vigneault will get all of the blame for this Rangers team failing. He will be fired just to hire another coach set up for failure in New York.

The bottom line is that no matter who is behind the bench for the Rangers, until Sather retires and Dolan sells the team, the Rangers will not win the Stanley Cup or even make it to the finals.

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