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The Top 5 Most Underrated Players On The Philadelphia Flyers

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The 5 Players On the Philadelphia Flyers You Must Know

The 5 most underrated Philadelphia Flyers
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The Philadelphia Flyers are dazzling with talent of all skills and ages. With stars like Claude Giroux, Matt Read and Jakub Voracek, it's difficult to find a reason why they wouldn't be a Stanley Cup contender. However, there's five players on this squad that can easily slip passed your mind when it comes to discussing the stars of this team.

Being a hockey player involves a lot more than just scoring. You have to be able to share the puck well, skate better than the guy who's chasing you, hit harder on the boards and just flat out show the other team who's boss. Of the four major sports played in America, hockey seems to be the one where certain players don't get the credit or respect they deserve.

What about the players who create the poke check? How about the guys who intercept a pass and take it back the other end of the ice? Most of the time, those are the payers who aren't scoring. Nevertheless, without players like that plays aren't created, goals aren't scored and ultimately, games aren't won. It's time you know about the guys who do all the "dirty work."

It's time to take a look passed the goal scorers, the golden passers, the nifty net minder and the rough and tough one punch knockout players. Let's take a look at the scrappers, the little guys and in my mind, the genuine playmakers of the orange and black. Here are the top five most underrated players on the Philadelphia Flyers.

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No. 5: Brayden Schenn

Brayden Schenn
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You're probably scratching your head on this one. Brayden Shenn is a playmaker, but he's had to settle for third best behind Claude Giroux and Jakub Voracek. This kid can score, pass and do everything else. He just never gets the credit he deserves.

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No. 4: Michael Raffl

Michael Raffl
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Michael Raffl may be the newest member of the Flyers, but he's playing like he's been pairing up with his teammates for years. In 24 games, he's got nine helpers and a plus minus of +1.

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No. 3: Kimmo Timonen

Kimmo Timonen
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Kimmo Timonen has been the toughest player to watch over past few years. This year, he looks like the Timonen the Flyers originally signed. He has great veteran leadership, 11 points and a plus minus of +3.

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No. 2: Erik Gustafsson

Erik Gustafsson
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Compared to the rest of the defensemen, Gustafsson is the only true defenseman. He leads the team in the plus minus category with a +4.

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No. 1: Steve Downie

Steve Downie
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Steve Downie is without a doubt the best playmaker besides Claude Giroux. He starts a scoring play before anyone else realizes it. If you include his numbers with the Colorado Avalanche, Downie is second on the team in assists with 16.