Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand Has High Trade Value

By Tony Tranghese
Bob DeChiara -USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand has been all over the map this year. His production has diminished significantly since last year. He has managed only eight goals and mine assists. Marchand currently has a +10 rating. If you’re the type of person who looks at the glass half full, I guess you could say that he’s not hurting the team in goal differential. He just isn’t the same player that he was last year.

He has been playing better as of late. He has played with more emotion and a bit more fire. Claude Julien may have finally gotten through to Marchand after taking a shot at him through the media because of his antics in Vancouver.

It’s Marchand’s antics that have me questioning whether or not he will be a member of the Boston Bruins by the trade deadline. He has shown flashes of the Marchand from last year. Those flashes could be quite attractive to another contender. He would certainly have a high price tag if the Bruins were to move him.

If the Bruins were to move the little ball of hate, it would make a statement to the rest of the team. He has already been reprimanded for a hit from behind and created controversy in Vancouver for his antics. The Bruins proved earlier this year that it’s the Bruins’ way or nothing by trading Tyler Seguin.

His play has been much better, but is it enough to keep him out of the doghouse and in a Bruins uniform? It is no secret that Marchand is a player you don’t want to play against.

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