Is Rick Nash Falling Out Of Favor With New York Rangers Fans?

By Steven Carollo
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Last year’s offensive “star” for the New York Rangers, Rick Nash, is quickly becoming the goat this season. Only six goals and eight assists in 21 games played this season by the man that is supposed to be the primary goal scorer for a Rangers team that struggles immensely to score goals is just not going to cut it.

Now Nash did miss some time this year with a concussion, but since his return to the lineup he has been practically invisible out there on the ice.  Not only isn’t he scoring goals, but he also isn’t racking up assists or using his body to create room on the ice for his teammates.

A lot of fans on social media are starting to call for Nash’s head because of this, and so am I.  No, not his head literally, but we want him to either start producing or GM Glen Sather to seriously look into trading him for scoring forwards that do not necessarily have Nash’s potential or a defenseman who can put the puck in the net.

Before you jump down my throat let me ask you this: Would you rather have scoring depth on your team or bank on Nash to turn things around and score goals at will like Alexander Ovechkin?

Well I hate to break it to you, but even if Nash breaks out of his slump, only twice has he ever scored 40+ goals in a single season compared to Ovechkin’s five, and he is well on his way to six with 30 goals in 35 games played this season.

Rangers fans have come to see why the Columbus Blue Jackets were willing to trade Nash for role players and why Blue Jackets fans were actually happy that a player of his caliber was traded.

Fact is that the Rangers lost depth when they traded for Nash and have regressed every season he has been a Ranger. What is ironic about all of this is that Nash was the player many originally thought would help the Rangers capture a Stanley Cup, but in reality the Rangers may only be able to contend for the Cup if they actually trade him for depth that the Rangers gave up two seasons ago when they traded for Nash.

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