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Reilly Smith Could Be Boston Bruins’ MVP

Winslow Townson – USA TODAY Sports

If you are not on the Reilly Smith bandwagon yet, you are not a true Boston Bruins fan. This kid has exceeded expectations on every level. Since about the 10 game of the season, I have been saying that Smith was the true star of the Tyler Seguin trade. I know a lot of people still believe Loui Eriksson will be the star of the trade, but I am just not one of them. In all fairness to Eriksson, he has spent more time on the injured reserve than in a Bruins’ sweater.

Smith scored two more goals last night against the Ottawa Senators, and he has been skating with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand. The Bergeron-Marchand line finally looks like it did last year with Smith on the wing. The line has jump and has been skating with purpose. I don’t know if Smith is the reason, but even Marchand is playing better. The beginning of Marchand’s season has been more than forgettable, but thankfully, he is turning it around.

Smith is now up to 14 goals, 16 assists and 30 points; he is a plus eight and has logged 12 penalty minutes. Smith is a player who performs well under a structured system. Claude Julien and the Bruins have been able to provide that for Smith, and the results have paid off.

Tyler Seguin has flourished for the Dallas Stars; it’s funny to see how two different players can flourish in two different systems. The free-wheeling Stars look to be the perfect fit for Seguin, while the structure of the Bruins seems to be perfect for the Smith.

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