Should New York Rangers Call Up Danny Kristo?

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Danny Kristo
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The scouting report on the New York Rangers has been the same for a number of years now. If you can score more than two goals on them, you have a very high chance of winning the game. The Rangers struggle to score goals and they rank 27th in the NHL with a pedestrian 2.26 goals per game average. The Rangers are in need of goal scorers, but how they get them is the hard part. They have very little trade assets, but have some talent in the AHL. One of those talented players is the 23-year-old Danny Kristo.

Kristo is a player that can score goals. The only reason he isn’t in the NHL already is because he has not learned how to play on the defensive end, but that is something that the Rangers have been relatively good with as of late. They need goals and they need someone to spark this team to score goals. Kristo could be that player.

In 27 games in the AHL, Kristo has scored 11 goals. He has also added 10 assists for a total of 21 points. His plus minus (minus six) shows that he still struggles to play defense, but once again, he can learn how to play defense relatively easily.

The scouting report on Kristo is pretty clear. He is a fast player that possess all the offensive tools, he has great acceleration, a quick release on his shot, and an accurate shot. His downside is that he lacks consistency and work ethic, but all the talk this season is that he seems to be turning the corner with those two aspects.

Although the Rangers have won two of their last three games, they still struggle to score goals. Kristo is a player that can bring some energy to a team that plays flat sometimes. It will take an injury to another player to bring Kristo up, but the Rangers should seriously consider calling him up to the show.

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