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5 Carolina Hurricanes Who Have Gone Missing

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5 Players That Have Gone Missing

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

Some things in North Carolina will never go away. The statue of Charles B Aycock at the capital, the dunes at Jockey's Ridge, and the second cup of coffee being on the house.

Yet for the Carolina Hurricanes, there's been an outbreak lately of dependable players going completely missing. The injury bug can only be rightfully blamed so many times. There's still pillars of the team that are just not showing up. Some of them are there in body, but their talent is off somewhere else doing something else.

Having players who are mentally checked out doesn't help the Hurricanes one bit in their quest to climb out of the Metropolitan Division's lower reaches These non-producing players are as helpful to the team as the one member of a group project who flakes on every meeting. Only there's no professor to complain to. Making the playoffs is not something that can be crammed for the night before. Carolina must start showing up as a team on a nightly basis --and needed to do this a month ago.

Once head coach Kirk Muller lays down the law that players must play to their fullest, the sooner Carolina will leave their funk behind. Any player who isn't producing to their potential absolutely deserves to have their ice time reduced. While some are simply just not catching their breaks, and others have actual things to deal with – some are just complacent.

These are five members of the Hurricanes organization who need to either start showing up like they used to, or relinquish their ice time to someone who will.

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5. Nathan Gerbe

road house
Jennifer Stewart - USA Today Sports

He's only 5-foot-5, so he's kind of easy to misplace.

Nathan Gerbe was a force to be reckoned with early in the season, getting nasty and dirty, but still putting on a clinic in the breakout. Goals were coming, assists were happening, then poof, he was gone.

One hot night against the Pittsburgh Penguins was nice, but Gerbe needs to find his way back to awesome.

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4. Cam Ward

Chris Austin - USA Today Sports

Remember that guy?

The whereabouts of Cam Ward's consistent game is a mystery fit for Nancy Grace. Nobody knows what's been up with Ward lately. He shows up one night, and the next night he's Swiss cheese. The consistent Ward from pre-injury days needs to find his way back to Raleigh, and soon.

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3. Jiri Tlusty's Appendix

Brace Hemmelgarn - USA Today Sports

Not to make a bad joke at the expense of someone's illness, but the absence of Jiri Tlusty's appendix is a tough blow to the Hurricanes.

Having gone in for an emergency appendectomy on Christmas Eve, Tlusty is out for two to three weeks to recover. Too many fans are citing the time their cousin went to work the next day after her appendectomy, but they didn't have to worry about defensemen checking them in their unhealed stitches. Two to three weeks is ample, however, it'll be hard to deal with Tlusty not in the lineup. He's been scoring lately, and doing so consistently.

All the get well soon cards in the world can't score goals. While everyone wishes Tlusty a speedy recovery, it'd be nice to have him out there.

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2. Tim Gleason

James Guillory - USA Today Sports

It's really easy to pick on Tim Gleason and point out everything he's doing wrong, which is why we will do exactly that.

Gleason is being paid a king's ransom to show up and be tough. He drops gloves, he lays the body, and he takes stitches on the bench. He's just that kind of guy. Where that guy went is anyone's guess. Gleason's been so awful that his name has been in trade talks for most of the last two months.

Why he still has a Raleigh address is something fans deserve to know.

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1. Elias Lindholm

Geoff Burke - USA Today Sports

Have you seen this young man?

Young Elias Lindholm was last seen on Edwards Mill Rd in Raleigh wearing a red jersey and pants. Authorities believe he has been lured to Sweden for the World Juniors Championships. Lindholm is much needed in Carolina, and any information fans have leading to his return are desperately needed.

Authorities are also investigating GM Jim Rutherford for his negligence in letting Lindholm go to Sweden and risk unwarranted injury when his work for the Hurricanes was still needed.