Chicago Blackhawks Need to Step Up Their Game Defensively

By Kelsey Meyer
Chicago Blackhawks
Jasen Vinlove- USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks are known in the NHL for having the strongest and best offense in the entire League. They currently sit with a 3.73 goals per game average, scoring five or more goals in 18 appearances on the ice so far this season. There is no question that the Blackhawks have offensive strategy pretty much locked down.

But what can be said for the defense of the Chicago franchise? Not nearly as much as can be said for the offense. While Duncan Keith is a league leader with 35 assists and an impressive plus-15 rating, the rest of Chicago’s defense does not mirror his bright and shining light.

While Chicago has illustrated the importance of a brilliantly star-studded offense it has neglected its defense as a result. The team is slowly starting to learn the age old lesson shouted by coaches everywhere for generations: The best offense is a good defense.

With the almost embarrassing loss handed to the Blackhawks at the hands of the St. Louis Blues, the Blackhawks hopefully learned their defensive lesson. The team garnered an impressive two-goal lead early on in the matchup but later relinquished that lead. The biggest disappointment and in turn wake up call was when they regained the lead and once again lost it. This is a result of shoddy defense, and it is hard to blame one player or another because individually each player seems to be doing very well.

The outlying issue here is that the Blackhawks do not work as well together defensively as they do offensively. While this is generally okay, the gap should not be so disparagingly apparent as it was in the matchup against the Blues.

If the Blackhawks can close the gap between their defensive inconsistencies and their offensive power they will be able to soundly defeat their opponents in every aspect and propel themselves even further to greatness.

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