Chicago Blackhawks Should Be Your Favorite NHL Team

By Kelsey Meyer
Chicago Blackhawks
Mike Strasinger- USA TODAY Sports

As a sports fan of any franchise, you more than likely have an automatic list of the things in your mind that make your team the best and why other, less informed individuals should be rooting for the best team ever — aka your team.

While that may be superficially true, there are often a multiplicity of reasons backed up by actual sports knowledge as to why you really should be rooting for any given team. Now, I am not suggesting bandwagoning because one thing that is great about sports is loyalty. But just in case you are on the fence of sports patronage, it is important to know the facts.

When it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks there is an almost never ending list of reasons why you should be rooting for them if you aren’t already. I know a lot of avid hockey fans do not support the Blackhawks, but even marginally you have to acknowledge their success and the talent that fills their franchise.

If you like a team that can score, look no further than the hockey team that skates at the Madhouse on Madison. The Blackhawks currently harbor the greatest offense in the league with 3.73 goals per game on average. Chicago has produced five or more goals in 18 games so far this season and boasts six players with at least 10 goals as well as four players in the league’s top 20 in points scored on the season. The Hawks are fast and furious out on the ice, and once they gain momentum they seem to explode on the scoreboard. So if you like that sort of thing, the Chicago Blackhawks could very well be the team for you.

Going off of that same idea of momentum, the Blackhawks have shown a remarkable ability to improve themselves. When it came to the Blackhawks’ ability to produce goals on a power play, last season the team ranked 19th overall with a 16.7 shooting percentage. This has increased drastically on the season as the Hawks are now ranked second in the league with a 24.8 power play percentage. The fact that they have the ability to find their faults and improve upon those faults makes them a team worthy of the highest loyalty.

Another amazing aspect about Chicago is its depth. I say this because many times there are teams with star players who seem to carry the weight of the team. Sometimes this is interesting to watch, but it is much better to watch a team skyrocket to success thanks to its entire roster. All four offensive lines contribute out on the ice. You can see the chemistry established between the players out on the ice and the depth is even more readily apparent when coach Joel Quenneville changes up a line and the players still work well together to produce goals.

While they are far from perfect, the Blackhawks are still an incredible hockey team who has and will continue to accomplish amazing things.

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