Andrew Shaw Has Standout Performance for Chicago Blackhawks Against Los Angeles Kings

By Kelsey Meyer
Chicago Blackhawks
Rob Grabowski- USA TODAY Sports

If you recall the Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals then you most certainly remember a young hockey player sporting a Chicago Blackhawks sweater taking a puck to the face. The thing that was most memorable about that particular aspect of the game was when said young player pressed on, blood dripping from his cheek, to play the rest of the game and later hoist the Stanley Cup above his head.

That young player was Andrew Shaw. Shaw was a standout player last season and left a lasting impression, most notably after his playoff performance. Naturally, his appearance in the 2013-14 season was highly anticipated. Any kid who takes a puck to the face and presses on to help his team to victory is worthy of this kind of hype.

This season has brought 11 goals and 10 assists for the 22 year old center who skates on the second line with Brandon Saad and Patrick Kane. Sure, it is not the high ranking number of goals as scored by the man who flanks him to the right in Kane, but it is still an impressive show.

Shaw has the ability to be a powerful influence out on the ice, but you can still make it through a whole game and hardly notice him. This was not the case in Monday night’s matchup against the Los Angeles Kings, however, as Shaw showcased a standout performance that had commentators buzzing. He seemed to make the plays when he needed to in what was a really great performance.

Shaw’s ability to have a standout performance seems to mean that he is finding his momentum out on the ice. This is great news because the Hawks are getting into the second half of their season where every little point is important. Shaw is one of the younger players out on the ice for Chicago, and his ability to deliver is important in showcasing his reliability.

This last half of the season will be important for not only Andrew Shaw but for the entire Blackhawks roster. They need to continue to soar in the points standings and develop the skills needed to make it through the playoffs against teams that will push them almost to their breaking point.

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