Boston Bruins' Carl Soderberg is a Defensive Liability

By Tony Tranghese
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Soderberg is a minus-four. I need someone to explain this to me. The Boston Bruins are one of the best teams in the NHL because of their defense. Soderberg is a third-line forward. How can you be a third-line forward on one of the best teams in the league and be a minus-four?

Soderberg has five goals and 14 assists. That means at the bare minimum, he has been on the ice for 19 goals for. That doesn’t include goals that his line has scored that he didn’t factor into on the score sheet. That also means that he has been on the ice for at least 23 goals against. That is unacceptable when you play for the Bruins.

I understand that this is Soderbergs first full season in the NHL. Soderberg has played in Europe and it is a very different game than the NHL. It’s not nearly as physical and there is an emphasis on goals. I want to know how long Soderberg is going to be able to play for Claude Julien while being a defensive liability.

Tyler Seguin had a better plus/minus in Boston and was traded to a team in the Western conference. If you put two and two together, you would think that Soderberg’s time would be limited if he doesn’t turn it around. If the Bruins continue to be patient with Soderberg, that’s their decision. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started to become a healthy scratch, especially in the playoffs. We saw it with Seguin and Phil Kessel.

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