Boston Bruins' Chad Johnson was a Healthy Scratch for Niklas Svedberg

By Tony Tranghese
“Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports”

The Boston Bruins recalled Niklas Svedberg on December 27. I don’t know why, but this just stuck me as odd. The Bruins made Chad Johnson a healthy scratch for Svedberg to back up Tuukka Rask. The Bruins had said that their goal was to get Svedberg some game time after an excellent preseason camp. It seems like an odd time for the Bruins to try and get their third string goaltender game time.

Johnson has only started eight games this season. He has led the Bruins to a 6-and-2 record in the games he has played. I understand that the Bruins wanted to give Svedberg a look. However, I have been extremely critical of the way the Bruins and Claude Julien have handled Rask’s minutes. If you feel like you have three solid goaltenders, why are you giving Rask this overwhelming workload? Rask has played in 31 games and over 1800 minutes. Rask has made 886 shots and allowed 57 goals. That is a lot of games for your starting goaltender. The Bruins haven’t even reached the halfway point of the season.

If Johnson can lead you to a 6-and-2 record, and you feel that Svedberg is an NHL caliber goaltender, then why not give Rask a few more nights off? I really hope that this doesn’t come back to bite the Bruins come playoff time. Rask has been tremendous. He is the reason that the Bruins have been able to hang into a lot of games. I still cringe at the thought of Rask getting injured. Contrary to what the Bruins think, I believe they only have one NHL-caliber goaltender and that is Rask.

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