New York Rangers GM Glen Sather Shouldn't Wait To Trade Michael Del Zotto

By Steven Carollo
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

What in the world is New York Rangers GM Glen Sather waiting for? Why is defenseman Michael Del Zotto still on this team? For months now, we have heard about how so many teams are interested in trading for him, yet he is still on the Rangers. Rumor has it that Sather has not pulled the trigger on trading Del Zotto yet because he does not think the return value would not be good enough. Are you kidding me?

Does Sather know that as time goes on, you are just going to get less and less for Del Zotto? Head coach Alain Vigneault criticizes Del Zotto in the media, all of the fans seem to want him gone, he is getting scratched left and right for Justin Falk and now rookie Conor Allen, so my question to you is simple: how does any of this help Del Zotto’s trade value?

The answer is it does not at all. With all of the negative things going on with Del Zotto not only this season but last season as well, how is waiting to trade him going to do any good for the Rangers? Either they trade Del Zotto now, or they should take him off the trade block. If you are Sather, waiting any longer to trade Del Zotto is just going to decrease the value you would get back for him.

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