Philadelphia Flyers Goalie Steve Mason Catches Tough Break

By Steven Smith
Steve Mason
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers have been playing well for the most part of their current six-game road trip.  However, last night they caught a speed bump when they were edged by the Colorado Avalanche by a score of 2-1.  Most of the time goalies get blamed for giving up the goal, but as last night’s contest proves, occasionally there is nothing goaltenders can do about it.  Unfortunately for Steve Mason, he fell victim to the fact.

Both the goals scored by the Avs last night were completely out of Mason’s control.  The first goal came in the first period when Sean Couturier turned the puck over in the Flyers’ zone.  Mason initially made a great save, but he left the net wide open and wasn’t in a good position to even try to stop the rebound.  The second goal came in the next period.  Mason looked as if he got a piece of it, but the puck appeared to roll over his shoulder, down his back and trickled across the goal line.

Facing 31 shots isn’t the easiest task for a goaltender, but Mason played great regardless.  One could argue that Philadelphia probably should have won the game by a mere score of 1-0, but hockey is a team sport and the Flyers just didn’t play that way last night.

As of late, Philadelphia has been playing complete hockey for the most part, but the defense continues to struggle.  Philadelphia’s defense must do a much better job containing speed from the opposition and has to stop turning the puck over.  If they fail to do so it’s going to be one heck of cold winter for them.

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