Derek Dorsett's Injury Hurts New York Rangers' Toughness

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Derek Dorsett
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Rangers aren’t the same team they were two years ago. Two years ago, they were a blue-collar team that was always tough to play against. Not only were they tough to play against, they also had a bunch of tough players. Some of those guys were Brandon Prust and Brandon Dubinsky. Both of those players are gone. The only real tough player that is like those two is Derek Dorsett. He is beginning to become a fan favorite in New York but on Friday night, he suffered a broken fibula and will be out four to six weeks.

That injury hurts the Rangers in a lot of different ways. First off, the Rangers aren’t a very tough team right now. If you look up and down their lineup, there are very few players that are tough or willing to drop the gloves. That has been a real problem with the Rangers this year. There is a lack of toughness. Very few players play tough and as a result the Rangers are an easy team to play against.

Dorsett is a player who would’ve fit in perfectly with the old regime with the Rangers. For now, he is one of the very few players who play tough and never take a night off. To make matters worse, the Rangers have very few players in the AHL or on their NHL roster that can replace the spot of Dorsett. He is a player who brings a lot to the table. He doesn’t score often but he is a great penalty killer.

Without Dorsett the Rangers are going to be even easier to play against. They have to find someone to try to replace the intangibles that Dorsett brings to the table.

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