Buffalo Sabres Fans Should Not Fear Noureen DeWulf

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Noureen DeWulf
Noureen DeWulf’s Facebook Page

Noureen DeWulf is a beautiful young actress who stars on the hit show “Anger Management” with the quirky but unavoidable Charlie Sheen. Buffalo Sabres fans know DeWulf by another name – Mrs. Ryan Miller.

Ever since the Buffalo goalie tied the knot with the actress in 2011, Sabres fans have been concerned that her connections to Hollywood would cause Miller to want to play on the West Coast. But when it comes to the fate of the Sabres’ elite goaltender, the fans need not fear Noureen DeWulf as she may be more of a Buffalo fan that most people realize.

DeWulf has been quoted as saying all kinds of interesting little soundbites about her husband and about hockey players in general. For one thing, the website TMZ.com conducted a quick interview with DeWulf where she admitted that she thought that hockey players without teeth offered certain sexual advantages not found in other men. The problem, as most fans see it, is that Ryan Miller has all of his teeth. So who is DeWulf talking about?

Anyone who has followed the DeWulf’s career knows that she has a bit of an edge to her. She enjoys the physical contact involved in hockey, and she is not above getting involved in the smack talk that goes on between players and teams. Since Miller himself rarely speaks out against an opponent to the media, it is refreshing to see what the Miller household really thinks of Sabres rivals.

As an example, Milan Lucic of the Boston Bruins is a hated rival of Ryan Miller and the Buffalo Sabres. Lucic is famous for making a huge open ice hit on Miller that gave Miller a concussion and showed just how spineless Miller’s teammates were. Miller spoke out against the hit, but his comments were muted at best.

Early in the 2013-2014 season, Lucic was hit in the face with a puck and required medical attention. Mrs. Ryan Miller wasted no time in taking to Twitter and saying simply one word – “Karma.”

It appears that DeWulf enjoys the old rivalries that the Sabres have with teams like the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs. She is a regular on Twitter and she has no problem showing her devotion to her husband and his team.

As far as losing Ryan Miller goes, Sabres fans can rest easy knowing that Noureen DeWulf will not be an element in that equation. Besides, none of the West Coast teams need a starting goalie. Antti Niemi is doing well with the San Jose Sharks, the Anaheim Ducks have two starting goalies they can rely on, and the Los Angeles Kings are overflowing with three legitimate starting goaltenders. Even if Ryan Miller demanded a trade to a West Coast team to be closer to his wife, the Sabres would not be able to accommodate him.

DeWulf was actually born in New York City, which would make the New York Islanders a more realistic trade partner for the Sabres than any of the West Coast teams. I hear that the Islanders have a winger named Thomas Vanek who is averaging almost a point per game, and he becomes an unrestricted free agent when this season is over. You never know what crazy things can happen at the NHL trade deadline.

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