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Philadelphia Flyers: 5 Most Important Remaining Games

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5 Games the Philadelphia Flyers Must Win

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The Philadelphia Flyers' second half of the season includes a huge slew of games from all over the map. They'll travel to Canada, the west coast and seemingly up the street. The orange and black will also find themselves in the comfort of home ice for a nice chunk of games, but no matter where they play, they have some huge games that they need to win. In fact, these games are so huge, it could make or break their playoff hopes.

Philadelphia has played well this season, but they lost some games that could have helped their current conference standings tremendously. The Flyers had their worst October in seven seasons, posting only three wins. That season, Philadelphia failed to make the playoffs. However, head coach Craig Berube has seemed to light a fire under this squad that has them headed in a more positive direction.

Some of the games that make up the remains of their schedule include some of the NHL's worst and best, but the focus remains the same either way, win. With solid play in the last month that was capped off by some incredible comebacks, Philadelphia looks as if they could beat any team in the league. On the contrary, the Flyers did find a way to lose to some extremely unworthy opponents. Regardless of the situation, the Flyers will need to be at their best in these five particular games.

They will need to play smart, strategic and disciplined hockey. These five games may look meaningless on paper, but when the significance is unveiled, you'll understand why these are must-win games. These games could determine if the Flyers make the playoffs, alter their playoff seeding should they make it, and give or takeaway momentum. These are the five remaining games that the Flyers need to win the most.

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No. 5: February 8 Against Calgary Flames

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Believe it or not, this game is huge. It's the final game Philadelphia will play before the Sochi Winter Olympics break. Picking up a win against a terrible Calgary Flames team could keep their minds sharp and positive and could also keep them in a nice spot in the standings for the duration of the break.

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No. 4: April 1 at St. Louis Blues

St. Louis
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A win here could be an enormous deal for the Flyers. The St. Louis Blues will be the last Western Conference opponent for the Flyers. After that, it's seven straight Eastern Conference opponents to end the season, three of which are in their division. Beating the Blues could be a solid morale boost headed down that seven-game stretch.

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No. 3: March 2 at Washington Capitals

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If the standings play out the way they are right now, the Washington Capitals will most likely be that one team Philadelphia battles back and fourth with for a better playoff spot. They play them three days after this game, but picking up at least one win would be huge, hence why they need to win the first game and not risk the second.

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No. 2: April 6 against Buffalo Sabres

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This is the dark horse game of the group. Probably the easiest game to win, yet it's sandwiched right in the middle of that final seven-game stretch. Philadelphia will definitely not want to let this one get away from them.

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No. 1: April 13 against Carolina Hurricanes

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It's happened once and don't be surprised if it happens again. This game could mean everything depending upon the standings. It's the final game of the season. It's that simple.