Success In West For Philadelphia Flyers

By Steven Smith
Simmonds Voracek
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It was a long, yet exciting road trip for the Philadelphia Flyers over the past week and a half.  While the team’s road trip technically doesn’t end until tomorrow night when they visit the New Jersey Devils, it’s safe to say that Philadelphia is just happy to be back on the east coast.  Sleep deprivation wasn’t the only thing interfering with the players’ jet lagged minds.  A slew of Western Conference heavyweights was barricading Philadelphia from feeling anything remotely close to a peaceful mind on their trip.  Luckily, the orange and black found a way to pummel the giants and cast out some demons simultaneously.

Philadelphia’s west coast trip included games against the Vancouver Canucks, Colorado Avalanche and Phoenix Coyotes, all teams in prime positions in the west.  Unfortunately for Vancouver and Colorado, they fell victim to the streaking Flyers.  The Avs were able to get a few lucky goals that helped propel them over Philly, but with hindsight in mind, the Flyers pressed them hard the entire game and probably should have won.  Some turnovers at critical times cost them that contest.

The trip also included match-ups with the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers, two bottom of the barrel teams in the west. Throughout the entire season however, Philadelphia has played against similar teams like Calgary and Edmonton and has lost.  The Flyers seemed to be taking the chums of the NHL lightly in the first half of the season and because of that, lost some very winnable games.  That wasn’t the case this time around though.  Philadelphia outscored both teams by a score of 8-4.

The Flyers faced various elements on their west coast trip, elements that will come into great use in the second half of the season. Philadelphia has one more west coast trip at the end of January into February. Look for it to bring the same mindset, grit and attitude in hopes of another dominating west coast trip.

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