Chicago Blackhawks: Brent Seabrook Should Not Let Team Canada Letdown Affect Him

By Paul Chancey
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the selection for the Canadian 2014 Olympic hockey team finalized, there was a glaring name left off the roster, Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook. Seabrook was on the last Canadian Olympic team back in 2010, paired up with his Blackhawks teammate Duncan Keith, and helped Canada win the Gold Medal. You’d think that Seabrook would be thanked by Steve Yzerman over at Hockey Canada. Apparently not. While it’s tempting to compare this to Brandon Saad‘s snub by USA Hockey, Seabrook’s snub is, in essence, more insulting.

In Saad’s case, he was just barely cut because of his talent. However, he should be ready to go in 2018. In Seabrook’s case, he’s already proven himself for Hockey Canada, but the higher-ups did not think he was a good fit. It’s a shame, really. In unbiased opinion, Seabrook is one of the players Canada could not win without, especially when paired up with Keith, who did make the team.

Ask any Blackhawks fan about Seabrook’s best moments, they’ll likely tell you about either his defense or his goal against the Detroit Red Wings. Okay, so the latter is about the offensive side of the puck, but that’s not the point. The point is, Seabrook is one of the best defensive players in the NHL. If it wasn’t for him, the Hawks would not have two Stanley Cups, and that’s not just talking about his goalscoring.

But getting to the point of the article, Seabrook should not let this snub get him down. As mentioned in two previous articles, the defense is struggling. Now is a good time for Seabrook to prove the heads of Hockey Canada wrong. This is not a hissy fit, but a statement that Hockey Canada made a mistake, and it could help the Blackhawks, too. Yes, it’s a little selfish, but it’s more of a down-the-road kind of analysis. Perhaps Seabrook was not chosen because of his struggles. If that’s the case, then it should be perfect incentive to perform better.

Team Canada’s snub of Seabrook should not be a major problem. Knowing Seabrook, he’ll keep playing to the best of his ability. The Olympic snub should provide incentive to Seabrook to raise his game higher; he will be better and so will the Blackhawks. Perhaps this snub could be a blessing in disguise.

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