Boston Bruins Look Terrible on the Road Against Good Teams

By Tony Tranghese
Greg M. Cooper -USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins lost to the Anaheim Ducks on Monday night 5-2.  The Ducks scored all three of their goals on special teams in the second period after the Bruins dominated play in the first period and had nothing to show for it. The penalty kill, which is usually one of the Bruins’ strengths, looked atrocious giving up two goals. The disciplined Bruins gave up their third goal short-handed, which is uncharacteristic of the team.

This isn’t the first time the Bruins have looked bad on the road against a good team. Earlier in the year the lost to a Vancouver Canucks team 6-2.  The Bruins are still decimated by injuries, and they are clearly missing the penalty killing of players like Chris Kelly and Dennis Seidenberg. Bruins fans shouldn’t panic, though. The Bruins started the beginning of their west coast road trip and still have a few games remaining. I wouldn’t worry about the Bruins dropping points since they are not playing divisional or conference games. I would have preferred to see Chad Johnson or Niklas Svedberg playing last night instead of Tuukka Rask as these road trips should be the opportune time to get him some much needed rest. Rask had 15 saves on 20 shots so in theory it should have been a light workload for Rask last night, but every goalie is going to have a tough game here and there. I’m worried about this game hurting his confidence more than anything.

The Bruins are an experienced team, and there are enough guys in the locker room to be able to pick this team up come playoff time. I would rather the Bruins learn their tough lessons on the road in January than May.

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