Rick Nash Finally Scores Clutch Goal For New York Rangers

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Rick Nash
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a real tough season for New York Rangers‘ power forward Rick Nash. He has been hampered by injuries and has gone through long stretches where he doesn’t score a goal. He has also had the pressure of being on the bubble for the team Canada. Now that he has been named to the Olympic team he is starting to play better. In tonight’s game against the Dallas Stars, Nash finally came through and scored a clutch goal to the give the Rangers a huge two points.

Nash has only played in 29 games this season. He missed a month due to a concussion early in the year and struggled to get his hands back once he returned from the injury. But the last three games have been real big for Nash. He has scored three goals in those three games, including one that tied a game and another that won it. The goal he scored against the Stars tonight to win the game was one of the highlight goals we are used to seeing Nash score. He was falling to the ice and still found a way to roof the puck past Stars’ goalie Kari Lehtonen.

The real question about Nash’s goal scoring is if it will be there in April, May and June. Nash has been deemed a pretty soft player when the lights start shining bright. In last year’s playoffs he only scored one goal and only has two career playoff goals in sixteen playoff games.

The Rangers need a healthy and motivated Nash to get things going and string together some wins. He is finally heating up and needs to keep scoring clutch goals to get his confidence up.

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