Edmonton Oilers Made Chicago Blackhawks Earn a 60-Minute Win

Devan Dubnyk

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of an improbable win against the tough Pittsburgh Penguins, the Edmonton Oilers had to feel fairly pumped up heading into their next game. That excitement might have been slightly tempered by the fact that their next game came against the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks but if so, it didn’t show on the ice. They took the game to the champs for 60-minutes and made them earn the 5 – 3 win against them.

Though they were lucky on a goal or two, the effort was there against a Blackhawks team that is clearly one of the top couple of teams in the NHL. There weren’t many who figured the champs would have to fight hard against the Oilers and that doubles when you consider the Hawks had 5 Power Plays to the Oilers 1. Yet it was a one-goal game until the final minutes and still remained a hard fought win for the Blackhawks.

It was a back to backer for the champs but they nearly doubled the Oilers in shots 41 – 21 and showed why they are the champs. Two things came out of this game in addition to the fact that Devan Dubnyk showed that it’s possible to give up 5 goals and have a great game in net at the same time. Firstly the Blackhawks are just as tough this year as they were last and the path to the Cup definitely goes through Chicago. Secondly it is clear that the Oilers are the most exciting 35-point team in the NHL.

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  • IndianHeadCrest

    For real? The Hawks scored a goal on themselves. Without that goal, this game was an utter blowout. The Oil was thoroughly dominated for 60 minutes. Watch hockey much?

    • David Miller Rant

      Thanks for the comment. Actually I do watch and listen to quite a bit of hockey and I wasn’t saying that the Blackhawks were outplayed in any way. In key moments through the game, especially at the end, the Oilers made a game out of it through the gift goals you speak of and other things. Viewed through the glass that the Blackhawks are one of the best two or three teams in the NHL and the Oilers are one of the lowest, yes the Oilers fought their hearts out the entire game. The fact that the ‘hawks are one of the best shows clearly in the score but if I am in the Oilers locker room or just a fan, I’m proud of them not giving up. Thanks again for the comment.

      • IndianHeadCrest

        Fair enough.

        • David Miller Rant

          If it helps me out more, I should point out that I also ‘penned’ an article about the things the Blackhawks could do to repeat their Stanley Cup win a while back. For what it’s worth I can only think of one or two teams with the chance to beat a team that is undefeated this year in the second half of back to backers. They’re going to be tough to beat in a series.