The 2014 Winter Olympics Could Hurt The Philadelphia Flyers

By Steven Smith
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Already addressed were the benefits that the Philadelphia Flyers would received from their five respective players heading to the Sochi Winter Olympics next month. However, like most situations, there’s positives and negatives. It won’t be a complete cakewalk for Philadelphia while their players are away, there’s a lot to address and some things to worry about.

Injury is obviously the main concern. The scorching Flyers are currently playing some of their best hockey in years, and the last thing they’ll want is for a player to go down in competition outside the NHL, let alone at all. With the setup of Olympic competition much different from the NHL, the overall play of the games will be unfamiliar to some players, and with unfamiliarity comes the risk of injury.

Another thing the front office isn’t too crazy about is the fact that team strategies and practices will lack over the course of the weeks. While chemistry building is a possibility, not having certain players present at drills could potentially risk techniques and line setups when league competition initially starts back up. Players will have to do their best to adjust to the changes, and the coaching staff will have to be patient with the process.

Ironically enough, one of the things that could benefit them the most could also come back to haunt them.  Those headed to Sochi will be learning a different style of play. It may be a little out of their element, or it could be something their not used to running with the Flyers. It’s up to the players to break any bad habits that they endure while away from Philadelphia.

There’s ups and there’s downs. While the issues addressed are probably nothing to worry about, there’s no guarantees in life, and the same goes for hockey.

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