Philadelphia Flyers Player Of The Week: Jakub Voracek

By Deanna Vasso
flyer of the week-jakub voracek
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The Philadelphia Flyers didn’t have a perfect week, and it wasn’t that great. They slumped on a few games, which affected their current standings, but if their resilience continues, they can overcome it. They will fight to keep their seventh spot in the Eastern Conference rankings to secure a playoff spot later in the season, and their top line will be guiding them along the way. Among their top liners that were influential this week, Jakub Voracek is the Flyers Player of the Week.

Voracek has been pretty consistent this season, and has been great at helping his teammates get to the net. There is a reason why we fell in love with him in the past couple of seasons, and there is also a reason that he continues to have a spot on the top line. Voracek has been a big help to the Flyers and has really come into his own during the lockout shortened season.

This week, he started it off right with an assist on Claude Giroux’s goal in their win against the New Jersey Devils. He didn’t get on the scoreboard in their win against the Montreal Canadiens, but Voracek was a force to be reckoned with on Saturday. Although the Flyers lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Voracek scored two of the three Flyers goals and earned his place as one of the three stars of the game. Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough, as they did lose, but it showed his strengths on the team.

Voracek remains leading the team alongside Giroux with 32 total points from his 12 goals and 20 assists. He’s a key factor to the team picking themselves back up to the top, and will continue to be a force that their opponents should watch out for.

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