Boston Bruins' Tuukka Rask Shows Resilience vs. San Jose Sharks

By Tony Tranghese
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Tuukka Rask showed resilience as he bounced back to defeat the San Jose Sharks. Rask had two terrible games in a row during the Boston Bruins recent west coast road trip. I have been the most critical about Claude Julien because of how he has managed Rask’s workload. Rask had no business starting against the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. The Bruins goaltender was shelled in both games. The Bruins looked bad as an overall team, but Rask did himself no favors. In all fairness to Rask, how many time is he supposed to be asked to bail this team out? It’s unrealistic for any goalie. Rask is good but give the guy some support.

The Bruins were playing two of the best teams on the west coast. The games didn’t mean anything in the standings, and the points picked up against Eastern Conference teams are much more valuable. I would have given Rask the opportunity to get his mind right and his body some rest. Rask and the Bruins had nothing to prove on this road trip. Chad Johnson or Niklas Svedberg would have been better served getting valuable NHL experience under their belts.

Looking back on it I may have even left Rask in Boston. It would have been a few days off for him to stay healthy. Instead, the Bruins got shelled in two games which did more to hurt his confidence. It raised more questions about the Bruins than anything. Luckily for the Bruins Rask is mentally tough. Not only did he bounce back against the Sharks, but he kept the Bruins in a close game once again as he posted another shutout. The Bruins’ anemic offense was once again let off the hook due to Rask’s play.

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