Anaheim Ducks Not Excited About 9-1 Blowout Over Vancouver Canucks

By Casey Drottar
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret; the Anaheim Ducks are on an absolute tear. They’ve won eight straight games, and 18 of their last 19. Not only are they winning a ton, but for the most part they’re doing it in convincing fashion. If you need a solid example, look no further than last night’s bout against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Ducks steamrolled Vancouver to the stunning score of 9-1. Anaheim’s nine tallies marked a team record for most goals in one night. Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry and Nick Bonino all scored two goals a piece. Forward Zack Kassian was the only Canuck to put the puck in the net, but since it simply made the score 6-1 at the time, it wasn’t much to get excited about.

Vancouver coach John Tortorella implied that he and the rest of his team want nothing more than to wash their hands of last night’s game and move on. Frankly, can you blame him? But, for what it’s worth, the Ducks weren’t exactly psyched with how lopsided the score was. In fact, a few were actually upset at how ugly the game got, especially Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau.

“I don’t like those kinds of games,” Boudreau said. “You don’t want to ever intentionally embarrass another team. I’ve been on the other end of those scores, so I know what it feels like.”

Well that wasn’t what you expected to hear, yet it certainly sounds like his players feel the same way.

“We didn’t want to finish the game like that,” Selanne said. “I know there were a couple of guys who had a chance to get a hat trick, but it’s almost embarrassing to even try. But, what are you going to say? It’s a good thing we won. But we can’t really get too high about this one.”

You have to give the Ducks credit here. They’ve taken the NHL by storm, pretty much destroying everything in their way. It’d have been really easy for a win like this to push their confidence to a whole new level, probably bordering on cocky. Instead, they’re upset about essentially blowing the doors off their own arena.

Make no mistake, I’m sure every player on Anaheim is pumped to winning at such an impressive clip. Still, it’s good to see the success hasn’t gone to their heads and they won’t be attempting to break club scoring records on a nightly basis.

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