Philadelphia Flyers: Defense, Penalty Kill Still An Issue

By Deanna Vasso
Flyers-defense,penalty kill still an issue
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The Philadelphia Flyers fought really hard when they took on the Nashville Predators on Thursday night, but their determination to win was clearly not enough. The Flyers managed to bring the game into an overtime period that then led to a shootout period, and that’s where the Predators pulled the rug out from under them.

The Flyers had a really good chance of winning the game thanks in part to Wayne Simmonds tying the game with seconds left in the third period. Although they did push a second overtime period, the Predators really did deserve to win. The Predators outplayed the Flyers in both shots (37-30) and in power play opportunities. The game was close, but the Predators just put a little extra into it and had it not been for Simmonds they would have won at the end of the third period.

Two issues that allowed the Predators to one-up the Flyers were in defense and penalty kill. The Flyers’ defense was a bit weak, as it has been for quite some time. They have been getting better at guarding their net, but the Predators could find their way through. The Flyers being a weak team defensively is not a surprise or anything new, but the Predators made sure to take a advantage of that.

The other issue we could see with the Flyers playing was that they were not disciplined during the game. They gave up too many power play opportunities to their opponents, and if that wasn’t enough their special teams were weak and sluggish on the penalty kill. Of the three goals the Flyers let up, two of those were when the Predators had the man advantage.

The Flyers defense will probably always be an issue for them, but they will need to work out the kinks in their special teams.

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