Did The Philadelphia Flyers Get Steve Mason's New Contract Right?

By Steven Smith
Steve Mason
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As some may know by now, the Philadelphia Flyers have signed 25-year-old goaltender Steve Mason to a multi-year contract extension.  The three-year deal worth $12.3 million is proof  that the Flyers consider Mason “the guy.”  This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone as Mason was probably going to be the top priority headed into the offseason anyway.  There was fear, however, that Philly might overpay the goalie.  Earlier on in the season, multiple reports broke that Mason’s agent, Anton Thun, had been asking for some big-time money for his client.  With 11 other contracts to dissect this offseason, digging themselves in a hole financially is the last thing Philadelphia’s front office wanted to do.

According to Thun, he said, “I think (Carey) Price is a very good comparable.” At the time of that comment, Mason wasn’t even playing on the same level Carey Price was.  However, if you break down the numbers now, Philly may have gotten the best of Thun.

Price is averaging $6.5 million per year on his current contract while Mason will be averaging $4.1 million per year on his new contract.  It’s a sizable difference in the contract numbers, but the statistics prove that Mason isn’t playing too far off from Price.

Mason has won 19 games in 36 outings this season, only three less than Price’s 22 wins in 38 games.  Price’s Goals Against Average (2.26) isn’t necessarily skyrocketing over Mason’s 2.48, and the save percentage is separated by a mere .9 percent.

So, after comparing the numbers, it’s difficult to make the argument that Price is really that much better than Mason.  Considering Price has had two more outings than Mason has, he’s had more of an opportunity to better his numbers as well.

If you ask me, the Flyers not only got the contract right, but they saved some much-needed money as well.  Mason probably could have received a little more money, but Philadelphia’s front office was poised — for once.  Kudos to them for getting Price quality at a discounted price.  No pun intended.

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