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Top 5 Players That Philadelphia Flyers Missed Out On

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If Only The Philadelphia Flyers Had Drafted These Five Players

If Only The Philadelphia Flyers Had Drafted These Five Players
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Five. That's the number of fingers on a human hand and toes on a foot. It's the amount of dollars you need to buy a footlong at Subway. It's the number of skaters allowed on the ice at one time in a hockey game. And believe it or not, only five players on the current Philadelphia Flyers roster were drafted by Philly. This team has more or less been an experiment for quite some time now -- particularly the last decade.

The offense has never really been a problem, which means winning games hasn't been impossible either. However, if you look at the draft history of the Flyers, it's easy to make the argument that they haven't drafted the purest of scorers. Philadelphia's scouting committee hasn't been the most successful over the years. Of the seven players who have scored at least 10 goals for the orange and black this season, only one of them of was drafted by Philly. Claude Giroux is that lone selection.

The Flyers passed up on a lot of players in the NHL draft over the last decade, but none of them compare to these five players. Before you click to see who the first player is, keep in mind that this list is based on the Flyers' current needs, NHL-ready players and players who have never worn a Philadelphia uniform.

I've got to warn you, the following list may induce vomiting, sudden change in temper and/or fainting. So please, keep all sharp objects tucked away and small children secure. Okay, it might not be that bad, but Flyers fans will easily understand the frustration. Have some fun with this one. What would you change about the roster if it included these five players? Would the Flyers have a Stanley Cup in the last decade? You be the judge.

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5. P.K. Subban (2007-Round 2)

P.K. Subban/D (MTL) 2007-Round 2
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Oh boy, this one is tough to swallow for Flyers fans. He's young, quick and talented. In his career, P.K. Subban has posted 40 goals, 109 assists and a plus/minus of +24.

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4. Pekka Rinne (2004-Round 8)

Pekka Rinne/G (NSH) 2004-Round 8
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Pekka Rinne is a guy who is battling an injury this year and with the decline of his team's offensive talent over the past few seasons, he hasn't been able to get much help. Yet, he's still managed to accumulate 157 wins, a .919 save percentage and 2.36 goals against average.

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3. Paul Stastny (2005-Round 2)

Paul Stastny/C (COL) 2005-Round 2
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Paul Stastny is a player who Philly doesn't necessarily need, but his talent and reputation as a pure goal scorer is something Philadelphia would love to posses. Sadly, they passed on him. In his career, Stastny has 148 goals and 286 assists.

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2. Kris Letang (2005-Round 3)

Kris Letang/D (PIT) 2005-Round 3
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This is the ultimate kick in the teeth for Flyers fans -- a guy they passed on going to the Pittsburgh Penguins. This monster of a man has posted 53 goals, 171 assists and a plus/minus of +36 over the course of his career

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1. Jonathan Quick (2005-Round 3)

Jonathan Quick/G (LAK) 2005-Round 3
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There isn't much that needs to be said. Stanley Cup winner and an Olympian. 163 wins, .915 save percentage and a 2.30 goals against average. Enough said.