The Philadelphia Flyers Must Fix Discipline Problem

By Deanna Vasso
philadelphia flyers have an attitude problem
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I feel like I’ve written this article before. No, I know I have written something similar about how the Philadelphia Flyers having a real discipline problem on the ice.

The Flyers have the reputation that dates from back to the 70’s of being called the “Broad Street Bullies.” Since they are a team that tends to fight a lot, that definitely has an impact on their high penalty minutes. This season, their PIMs have gotten worse, but it is not just the fights that have the team suffering. The Flyers are currently the league-leader in PIMS, which means that the majority of the time, they are spending their games on the penalty kill. This means their special teams are suffering.

Taking too many penalties is really what made the Flyers suffer in their shootout loss against the New York Islanders on Monday. In fact, two of the three goals that got away from them Monday were while the Islanders were on the power play. It’s clear that taking too many penalties is affecting their ability to be strong while shorthanded. Playing shorthanded is a challenge, but when the Flyers have to do it constantly during their games, it can almost be too much of a challenge.

The Flyers are currently in third place in the Metropolitan Division, but if they really want to become an NHL powerhouse as the season rounds out, they need to learn some more discipline. A lot of times, they are taking dumb penalties like slashing or cross-checking, which can be an easy fix. If they really want to improve, playing a full 60 minutes and being mindful of their penalties are key.

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