New York Rangers Should Deal Carl Hagelin If Price Is Right

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Since when is Carl Hagelin untradeable?

That is what I have been hearing from numerous New York Rangers fans over the past few days and I just do not understand the reasoning behind such a thought.

Hagelin is far from a franchise player, or someone to build your team around. In my opinion, Hagelin is vastly overrated and is a third line player on any other team. The Rangers lack real first and second line players.

Through 43 games this season, Hagelin has 11 goals and eight assists. I am sorry, but this is nothing to write home about.

The biggest argument anyone has on defending Hagelin is his speed. Okay, yes he is definitely a fast skater and one of the fastest in the NHL, however, this is hockey not speed skating, the last time I checked.

What good is a player who skates fast but can’t stop? He constantly over skates the puck, is weak on the boards, takes questionable penalties, makes poor passes and biggest of all, he cannot finish off a play. He reminds me so much of Carlos Mendoza from The Mighty Ducks‘ movies.

The Rangers lack of finishers/goal scorers on this team is scary and Hagelin is one of them. He is a third line forward and nothing more. If the price is right and the Rangers would receive a valuable return for Hagelin, then why would you not trade him?

I just feel it makes zero sense to keep an overrated player if the team can upgrade at one or two positions, but that is just my opinion. What is yours?

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  • beck

    umm having 11 goals this season is a big deal since that would place him in the top 5 for rangers goals this season. He has more goals, assist, and points than callahan (who is the captain) this season. And his speed has actually helped the ranger many times. And hagelin gets better every season. And other players who have been there a lot longer (richards) were bad last season. I’d rather have a consistently great player than one whose ability fluctuates.

  • dom

    Don’t know if you have seen any games..but Hagelin is very efficient on the boards….he’s constantly digging the puck out with Callahan….You fail to mention he is on our #1 penalty kill fail to mention he was on the 3rd and 4th lines with the likes of boyle and pyatt for about 10 games and while he has 11 goals he spends 0 minutes on the PP. We have guys on our team who regularly get PP chances and barely surpass Hagelin in goals. Is Hagelin untradeable? of course not..and you say if the price is right..but you severely undercut his value…He’s the fastest skater in the league and if the right coach is with him they can teach him to be more offensive on the pk and score more shorthanded goals..The guy is easily a 20 goal scorer and in a few years could very well have 30.