Philadelphia Flyers Turn To Vincent Lecavalier For Next Game

By Steven Smith
Vincent Lecavalier
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when you used to play kickball?  There was always that one kid that could sock the ball so hard it would put a crater through the moon. He was the one kid everybody wanted on their team, so if you didn’t have first pick you could kiss your chances goodbye. It’s a very similar situation for the Philadelphia Flyers heading into Saturday’s game with the Boston Bruins.  Though their roster is already structured, the Flyers will turn to their home run hitter, Vincent Lecavalier.

Lecavalier, a legitimized and certified Bruin killer, will look to add to his smashing career numbers against the spoked B’s from Boston. In the 1,076 regular season games Lecavalier has played in, 50 of them have been against Boston. In those 50 games, Lecavalier has averaged almost a point a game, tallying 20 goals and 29 assists.

Regardless of who’s in net, Lecavalier has always found a way to get the best of one of Boston’s goalies. Since Lecavalier has come into the league, Boston has put 22 men in the crease, five of which were full-time starters. However, Tuukka Rask seems to be the guy Lecavalier can’t get past. Facing Rask six times in his career, Lecavalier has only been able to post a sole assist against the Finland native.

Rather than look at that stat as sign of doom, it’s certain that Lecavalier will be looking at it as motivation to finally break out of the slump against Rask.

Lecavalier needs six more goals to reach 400 for his career, and he also sits 11th among active players for career shots with 894. He’ll be the go-to-guy for the orange and black as they look to take down the black and gold.

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