Michel Therrien Needs to be Fired as Soon as Possible

By evanleblanc
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

I think that it is necessary at this point in the season for the Montreal Canadiens to fire their coach Michel Therrien. I think that Therrien has lost command of his team and does not seem to have an answer for the fact that his team looks lost on the ice.

On defense, his team gives away far too many chances from an opportune place on the ice for the opponent to score. It is a recipe for disaster for any hockey team. If you continue to let the other team march into the slot area and fire at will, it should not be a surprise that they are able to hit the net more often than you can.

Tonight, on offense against the Washington Capitals, the Canadiens only generated 20 shots. After two periods, they were only able to generate nine shots on net, and were behind by four goals at that point. They really only had about one or two good chances in the second period, and about the same in the first.

The only way that I can explain tonight’s performance for the Canadiens is to say that Montreal, who I think is a much better team than the Capitals, who are struggling a lot at the moment, is in some sort of a really long daydream that they need to snap out of. I do not think that Michel Therrien is the one to get them out of their funk.

Carey Price was pulled out of the game tonight in favor of Peter Budaj after giving up some goals that he normally does not seem to let in. That being said, the way that the Canadiens were playing in front of him was very uninspired. I do not know what he could have done given the circumstances that would have really made the difference that was needed.

In the final analysis, it is the story of a coach who is no longer able to inspire and instruct his team. He has lost the respect of his players, and needs to be fired before they lose their playoff spot.

The Canadiens cannot afford to wait any longer, as the Eastern Conference teams below them will be waiting to catch up.

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