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5 Games The Philadelphia Flyers Wish They Could Take Back This Season

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If Only They Could Have Them Back

If Only They Could Have Them Back
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Last night's contest against the Boston Bruins was, without a doubt, a game the Philadelphia Flyers wish they could get back. Getting hammered by a score of 6-1, it becomes another game the Flyers add to their book of regrets this season. However, as bad as last night's game was for the orange and black, it doesn't even come close to the five games your about to read up on.

Mistakes have come at all angles and at all points in time for Philadelphia this season. They've played games where they just didn't start strong in the first period of play. They have a few where they just couldn't quite close it out in the third period. They also played plenty of games where the just didn't show up at all. Whether it'd be a missed shot, weak poke-check or horrible penalty, Philadelphia and Lady Luck don't seem to have too strong of a relationship this season.

These are the games that make you throw the remote across the room. These are the games that cause sore throats for the fans sitting in the nosebleed sections from constantly shouting profound language in hope their voices somehow find a way to the ice. These are the games that lead you to think, "I could do a better job," and these are the games that entice fans to leave eight minutes into the second period.

I didn't make up this list to try and cause you any kind of physical or emotional pain, but with the way the team is playing right now, you should be used to it, right?

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5. Washington Capitals -- Nov. 1, 2013

5. Washington Capitals on Nov. 1, 2013
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This was a game where Philadelphia was virtually asleep the entire time. They lost this contest 7-0. Flyers fans will be the first to tell you, losing to the Washington Capitals is no fun at all.

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4. Washington Capitals -- Dec. 15, 2013

4. Washington Capitals on Dec. 15, 2013
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It looked like Philadelphia was going to be able to avenge that November loss, but the Capitals had other plans. Philly blew a 4-1 third period lead and eventually lost in a shootout, 5-4.

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3. Dallas Stars -- Dec. 7, 2013

3. Dallas Stars on Dec. 7, 2013
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The Flyers played a solid first period in this contest before completely collapsing in the second. Giving up four second period goals and three in the game to Tyler Sequin, this is another one they're tearing their hair out over. The Flyers lost by a score of 5-1.

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2. Chicago Blackhawks -- Dec. 11, 2013

2. Chicago Blackhawks on Dec. 11, 2013
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Another game where they were dead the entire duration of the contest. It was so bad, seven different Chicago Blackhawks found the back of the net. Philly lost, 7-2.

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1. Carolina Hurricanes -- Nov. 5, 2013

1. Carolina Hurricanes on Nov. 5, 2013
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This is the one game they really wish they could have back. Philly had a 1-0 lead going into the final minute of play. The Carolina Hurricanes tied it and eventually won in overtime, 2-1.