Catastrophic First-Period Play Costing Philadelphia Flyers

By Steven Smith
Rosehill Hartnell Mason
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Round and round they go — another game, another loss for the Philadelphia Flyers. This time, they got absolutely trounced by the Boston Bruins by a score of 6-1.  The loss marks the team’s fifth regulation loss and seventh overall in the last nine games. In those nine games, Philadelphia has allowed 39 goals while only hitting the twine 25 times themselves.

Ironically enough, Philly has done a tremendous job of competing in the second and third periods only being outscored 13-12 in the former and 11-10 in the latter. The main issue is that they can’t open a game if their lives depended on it.

Many have blamed the recent stint of bad play on the defense and goaltending, which is a valid argument considering that the orange and black have given up 13 first period goals in those nine games.  However, they aren’t lighting up the lamps themselves and that’s been their biggest issue.

The Flyers have scored a lousy three first period goals in their last nine games. In the previous four, they have failed to score in the first period of play and have carried the unwanted trend across seven of their last nine games. Philadelphia has made some miraculous third-period comebacks this season, but the fact remains that if they dig themselves in too big of a hole earlier in games, they won’t give themselves a chance to even think about a third-period comeback.

Philly has looked as flat as they come when it comes to overall first period play, but especially in the scoring department. My suggestion is that the NHL gives Philly an extra 10 minutes in the first period to skate around by themselves to help get them going. Oh, if only …

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