Philadelphia Flyers Don't Have A Player Of The Week

By Deanna Vasso
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

This week has been very unkind to the Philadelphia Flyers. Well, it wasn’t so much that the week has been unkind to them but that the team has played badly. They lost all four of their games this week, only getting a point from Monday’s game in an overtime loss. This week was not a good one to be a Flyers fan.

Due to this disappointment, I am inclined to not name a single player as the Flyers’ Player of the Week. If we are just looking at Monday or Wednesday’s defeats, I would say maybe give it to Wayne Simmonds again because he has been really helpful to the offense and he is leading the team in goals, or even give Claude Giroux some love for trying to be a good leader to his team. After Wednesday’s game, however, it all went downhill.

The Flyers did not wake up in their game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday, which resulted in a 5-2 embarrassment for the visiting team. It was like they did not think they had to try very hard because they were playing the Blue Jackets, but they were proven wrong at the end of the game.

So that could have just been a blip in their schedule, but when they went to face off against the Boston Bruins for the first time this season, it was probably the worst game fans have seen them play all year. The offense was terrible and couldn’t get the puck past Tuukka Rask, and they weren’t defending their net well at all. It was an embarrassment for everyone; I almost never turn off games, but I did this time because of how unbearable it was.

Due to how terribly they’ve played in these last two games, I do not feel as though I can pull out one player that shone despite the failures of the team. Therefore, no one will be the Player of the Week. If anything, it’s the loyal Flyers fans who suffered through the games this week that should get some props.

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