Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres Get Slaughtered On Road vs. Colorado Avalanche 7-1

By Steven Carollo
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the unbelievably bad season for the Buffalo Sabres continued this afternoon with a 7-1 road loss against the Colorado Avalanche. Everyone knows the Avalanche are well on their way to better and better things as this season progresses and in the future. Also, everyone in the entire hockey world and Sabres’ management have known for a long time that this is not the Sabres’ year and that they will be sellers at the trade deadline. Their biggest trade piece is none other than veteran goaltender Ryan Miller who got destroyed this afternoon by the Avalanche surrendering five goals on 27 shots and did not start the third period due to him being pulled.

Not only was this loss painful for Sabres’ fans who have gone through hell and back not only this season — but throughout Sabres’ history — but with the trade deadline approaching shortly, the No. 1 thing Sabres’ fans and management have to be rooting for is for Miller to play as well as possible so that they can get the most value for him in a trade.

Well, giving up five goals in two periods of play and getting pulled before the start of the third is not what Sabres’ nation was looking for out of Miller this afternoon. Granted that he does not get a lot of help, if any on defense and offense, and even if you are the best goalie on the planet, if you have no help whatsoever, you are going to give up a lot of goals. However, it is not like Miller faced an extremely large number of shots through two periods so Miller is not entirely off the hook.

The fact is Miller is now 33 years of age, with his most dominant seasons behind him, so it is really important for Miller to be on his A game from here on out because if he puts up more games like this, the Sabres’ will not get the value they are looking for in return for Miller and then as a result this will really be a lost season for the Sabres.

As for the Avalanche … everything is looking up for them. They are getting primary and secondary scoring, defense, goaltending … basically the complete opposite of the Sabres.

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