NHL Rumors: Ryan Callahan Demanding More Money from New York Rangers Than First Reported

By Casey Drottar
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

New York Rangers captain Ryan Callahan is an impending free agent, and also a player the team would very much like to resign. Of course, the Rangers are certainly hoping they can come to terms with Callahan without using up a ton of cap space.

Last week, it was reported that Callahan was looking for a pretty sizable deal, specifically along the lines of a seven years for $42 million. This is quite an increase in salary, as he’s in the final season of a contract which saw him make $12.8 million in three years. However, as high of a spike as that seems, turns out he actually could be asking for even more than that.

TSN is reporting that Callahan is actually now seeking between $45 million to $49 million for seven years. So, either the initial report was off, or something occurred in the past week that resulted in Callahan adding up to $7 million more to his overall worth.

The thing to remember is the fact that, after the initial $42 million report came out, trade rumors quickly followed. What do you think will happen now that it appears Callahan is asking for even more money?

The trade rumors continue to swirl, with the Columbus Blue Jackets being a popular name as far as interested teams go, while a trade for Chris Stewart of the St. Louis Blues appears to still be on the table. However, there appears to be a big reason why teams may not be jumping at the chance to pick up Callahan before the deadline.

Any team that trades for a player on an expiring contract runs the risk of essentially giving up prospects or picks for a rental. A club who has the pieces to make a trade for Callahan may not have the cap space to resign him come the offseason. If that’s the case, you have to determine just how much you’re willing to give up in exchange for, at most, three months of Callahan’s services.

Because of this, there appears to be a few teams that are interested in Callahan, but would much rather make a run at him during the offseason once his contract expires. For example, the Buffalo Sabres are rumored to be interested in meeting Callahan’s contract demands, but are apparently not involved in any sort of trade talks. Again, a team that’s willing to trade for Callahan has to either believe they can resign him or is just content with the idea of leasing him for the time being.

It all may end up being irrelevant, as its being reported the Rangers are willing to reopen contract talks this week. Whether or not the discussions go anywhere remains to be seen, but if New York balked at Callahan’s initial requests, which have since gone up, it’ll definitely make negotiations an uphill battle for the Rangers.

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