Florida Panthers' Barrage of Shots Eventually Break Through Jonathan Bernier

By evanleblanc
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida Panthers put persistent pressure on the Toronto Maple Leafs and goalie Jonathan Bernier all night. Brian Campbell was highly involved in terms of pushing the pace, producing offense and running the point in the offensive zone.

There seemed to be a complete lack of explosion and defensive coverage in the Toronto zone all night. There were many lazy attempts to clear the puck, many overwhelmed looking faces and other issues involving effort.

I do think that the Leafs have been guilty of these kind of games lately, and it is hard to determine why exactly that is the case. They have the talent and the pedigree to be an elite team in this league, but they still have the odd nights where it seems as though they don’t show up.

That was the case in tonight’s 4-1 victory. Even when the game was at 2-1, advantage Florida, in the third period, it did not seem as though the Leafs really wanted the game. They seemed kind of lost, even in the Panther zone, where they are normally very effective. If they can put this game behind them, it would be a good step forward.

In the future, I would like to see more out of Toronto in terms of at least making a push back when they are down in a game. I think that they persist only in certain games, and in select others, they look uninspired or uninterested.

They continued to give up quality chances, until the shots eventually found their way through Bernier.

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